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Privacy Policy

This policy is made, based on Korean law “Act on Protection of Information and Promotion of Utilization of Information and Communications Network.” This English translation is only for your reference purposes and is not legally binding.


“MYKOCO” (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) regards the privacy of users as highly important and complies with all regulations concerning the “Act on Protection of Information and Promotion of Utilization of Information and Communications Network.”

By stating its privacy policy as shown below, the Company hereby informs users of the purpose and use of personal information provided by the user to the Company, and the measures taken for the protection of their personal information.


Personal information collected and the means of collection

A. Information we collect

The Company collects the following data for the purpose of membership sign-ups, consultations, and service applications.

o When signing up for membership: Name, ID, password, e-mail.

o When applying for services: Address, phone(mobile) number, payment information

Information collected through the use of online services or the processing process: use record, access log, cookies, connecting IP information, payment record, unruly use, and others.


B. Means of collecting personal information

Personal information is collected through the website, letter, message boards, e-mail, event entries, delivery request forms, phone, fax, and generated data collection tool.


Purpose of collection and use of personal information

The Company collects personal information for the following purposes and use.

Provision of services obligated by the fulfillment of contract and the payment that follows

Supply content, purchase, and payment, delivery of goods, billing statements and others, user verifications for financial transactions and financial services.

Member management

Identify user to access members-only services, verify a user, prevent unauthorized use, check membership subscription, validate age, confirm consent/agreement from a legal representative for users under the age of 14, handle complaints and civil affairs, and deliver notices.

Marketing and promotional use

Delivery of events and unsolicited advertisements; gain a statistical understanding of the members’ frequency of access to and use of the site.


Period of possession and utilization of personal information

As a general rule, once the personal data has fulfilled the purposes for which they were collected, they are to be immediately discarded. Except for the following that will be retained for certain periods for reasons noted below.


A. Information held according to the Company’s internal policies

Even when a member has canceled his/her membership, the member’s personal information is immediately discarded from the date of cancelation.


B. Grounds for holding personal information according to applicable statutes

If retention of personal information is deemed necessary to operate in accordance to the provisions of relevant laws and regulations, including the Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, then they will be held in possession by the Company for a certain period of time set by the relevant laws as noted below.

Records related to contracts or withdrawal of subscription:

o Purpose of possession: Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce

o Possession period: 5 years

Records related to payment and supply of goods

o Purpose of possession: Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce

o Possession period: 5 years

Records related to consumer complaints or dispute settlement

o Purpose of possession: Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce

o Possession period: 3 years

Records of log

o Purpose of possession: Protection of Communications Secrets Act

o Possession period: 3 months


Procedures and methods of discarding personal information

As a general rule, once the personal data has fulfilled the purposes for which they were collected, they are immediately discarded. The procedure and method to discard are detailed below.

Discarding procedure

Following the cause for information protection according to the internal policies or related statutes, once the personal data has fulfilled the purposes they will be transferred to a separate database(DB) (or filed separately in a folder if in paper form), then it will be discarded after a certain period of time. Personal information that is transferred to a separate DB will not be used for any other purposes except in the case of the law. 

Discarding method

Use a technical method to stop reproduction of personal information saved in electronic form.

Disclosing personal information

As a general rule, the Company shall not disclose user’s personal information to any external party except for the cases below. 

Prior consent from a user

Following the legislative rule or when law enforcement agencies require such information for investigative purposes during the process as prescribed by the law.


A consignment of collected personal information

For the provision of services, the Company consigns collected personal information to specialized companies detailed below.


Consignee: Daeyeon Company Co.,Ltd.

Details of consignment: #1306, 196, Gasan digital 1-ro, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea (08502)


[Payment Gateway Provider]

Consignee: Eximbay

Details of consignment: #1301, 16, Digital-ro 32ga-gil, Guro-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea (08393)



Consignee: Korea Post

Details of consignment: 108, Digital-2ro, Guro-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea (08506)


Consignee: K-Packet, EMS

Details of consignment: #1511 ,90, Gyeongin-ro 53-gil, Guro-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea (08215)


Consignee: Rincos

Details of consignment: F2, 37, Arayuk-ro, Gochon-eup, Gimpo-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea (10136)


The rights of users and legal representatives and methods of exercising those rights

The user may view or edit his/her personal information and request to terminate membership at any time.

To view or edit a user’s personal information, click on ‘Edit Personal Information’ (or ‘Edit Member Information’) and to cancel the subscription (terminate membership) click on ‘Terminate Membership.’ Upon clicking, you’ll be directed to an identification process before you can directly access, correct, or cancel membership.

A user may contact the chief privacy officer by letter, telephone or email, and necessary actions will be taken.

Should a user request corrections on errors of personal information, the Company shall not use or provide any personal information until a correction is made. In addition, if the wrong personal information has already been provided to a third party, the Company shall immediately notify them so that a proper correction can be made.

If personal information is canceled or deleted upon request of a user, the Company will comply with the terms specified under “Period of possession and utilization of personal information,” and prohibit disclosure or use for any other purposes.


Install, manage and deny operation of a device for automatic collection of personal information

The Company uses ‘cookies’ that frequently save and retrieve your information. A cookie is a very small text file that the server, used to operate the Company’s website, sends to your browser. The file is saved in the hard disk of your computer.

The Company uses cookies for the following purposes:

Use and purpose of cookies

o To analyze the frequencies of a member and non-member’s visit, understand user’s preferences and interests and track user’s footprints, and carry out target marketing and provide customized service by checking the level of participation in various events and number of visits.

o You have the right to choice in regards to the installation of cookies. Accordingly, you may allow all cookies by modifying your cookie settings, go through a confirmation process whenever a cookie is saved, or refuse to have all cookies saved.

Settings to reject the establishment of cookies

o To reject the establishment of cookies, select options on your web browser and change your settings to allow all cookies, go through a verification process before saving cookies, or reject to save all cookies.

o Example (For Internet Explorer)

- Go to ‘Tools’ located on the top of Web Browser > Internet Options > Privacy

o However, there may be certain difficulties in using the services if you reject the installment of cookies.


Civil services with respect to personal information

To protect your personal information and deal with complaints related to personal information, the Company has appointed the following department and chief privacy officer.

Principal Privacy Officer

Name: Jim Hwang

Department: Overseas Sale / Privacy Dept



You may report all complaints related to privacy protection, in using the Company’s service, to the chief privacy officer or the department in charge.

The Company shall provide prompt and sufficient answers to your report.

For further consultation or report on other privacy infringements, contact the following the following agencies.

o Privacy Rights Violation Complaint Center ( / 118)

o Cybercrime Investigation Department, Supreme Prosecutor’s Office ( / 02-3480-2000)

o Cyber Bureau, National Police Agency ( 182)


Duty to notify

The Company shall notify users of any changes to this privacy policy through the website (or through individual notifications).


Date of Notification: Nov 22, 2018

Effective Date: Nov 22, 2018





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